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An Incredible Idea to Dry or Store Your Tops and Tunics In Style.

Thirty-seven-year-old Harini is a full-time homemaker and loves every minute of it. She loves to care for her family, which consists of her husband, two teenage daughters, and her parents-in-law. She also loves to cook and do a bit of gardening, and she particularly loves to keep her home spic and span. A lively and cheerful person, the only time of day when Harini looks down in the dumps is when the washing machine’s cycle finishes and she has to hang out the laundry. 

Her home is comfortable but there is insufficient space for drying a full load of clothes - and the size of her family ensures that there is a full load every single day! So Harini hangs all the shirts, kurtas, T-shirts, dresses, tops - anything that can be hung on a hanger - on hangers. The clothesline is occupied by the rest of the clothes, and most of the hangers end up adorning all the door knobs and cupboard handles. This laundry d├ęcor annoys this conscientious homemaker no end, as you can well imagine!

Chatting with her friends one day, Harini heard someone mention a company called Ecospace Clotheslines that offered space-saving solutions for laundry woes. Intrigued, Harini rushed home to check out the site on her computer. She immediately liked what she saw and was overjoyed to read about the amazing Cinch Hanger! She promptly purchased two cinch hangers, installing one near the washing machine in balcony and the other in the bedroom. 

Cinch Hanger Installed in Bedroom

The following day, Harini eagerly waited for the washing cycle to conclude and hurried to dry the clothes. Two shirts, one T-shirt, one top, and two singlets - all on their hangers - went on to the cinch hanger near  the washing machine, while the cinch hanger in the bedroom took two kurtas, one dress, one camisole, and one nightgown. After the clothes were removed, the cinch hangers were neatly folded away into their slots. Harini was delighted beyond words! No more laundry all over the house!


If you face the same problem that Harini did, you can be as thrilled as she was by opting for this incredible space-saving option! The cinch hanger is easy to install and can be mounted on any unused vertical wall space, whether inside the house or on your balcony wall, and its fold-away bracket arm collapses to less than 4” thick when not in use. Made of aluminium arm and a stainless steel hanging rod, the cinch hanger neither rusts nor sags and looks stylish too! This sturdy device supports up to 20kg and is available in 4 bracket arm sizes – 9” for 4 hangers, 12” for 6 hangers, 15” for 8 hangers, and 18” for 10 hangers.

 This innovative and compact device for drying any item of clothing that can be placed on a hanger can also be used for drip-drying delicate woollens and for organizing your ironed clothes without danger of creases. What a marvellous option for homes that have limited hanging space! All you need is between 9” to 18” of hanging space, which reduces to less than 4” when the cinch hanger is folded away. So, when will you be hanging your shirts and dresses the smart, space-saving way?!

No More Procrastination! A Nifty Solution For Drying Heavy Laundry Is Here!

How often do we wash our heavy clothes – blankets, quilts, bedcovers or curtains? How many of us procrastinate – continuously putting off the heavy laundry day? Well, Rachna was no different. A 35-year-old schoolteacher with a bouncy 12-year-old son, a very busy husband, and erratic domestic help, Rachna’s routine was hectic to say the least! Despite being an energetic and efficient multi-tasker, she was left exhausted juggling between her son’s school projects, managing her own schoolwork and doing the household chores. Though she found quick fixes for many household tasks, one of the most daunting chores remained doing the heavy laundry. The very thought of having to lift a load of damp, heavy blankets or bedcovers, heaving them out into the balcony and then up onto the clotheslines while standing on a chair, would cause tired Rachna to quail and to keep postponing the day. At the same time, she knew that she was inviting bacteria and sickness by leaving these items unwashed for so long. Caught in this difficult situation, Rachna took to surfing the web, desperately looking for the solution to her problem. And thanks to the web, she got her answer!

The Wall-Mounted Saviour
Rachna was intrigued to find a website called Ecospace Clotheslines and was particularly interested in the Cantilever Bracket Mount Pulley Operated Clotheslines. Placing her trust and hope in the company, she purchased a nifty family size set of 6 clotheslines. And boy, what a change! Today Rachna avidly washes her heavy blankets and curtains without hesitation and with a merry tune on her lips!

Cantilever Bracket Mount Pulley Operated Clotheslines Installed in Swiss County, Chinchwad
Numerous Advantages
These convenient clotheslines can be installed on a vertical wall in open or alternate terrace balcony,  thus freeing floor space and, in Rachna’s case, balcony space. Lightweight aluminium cantilever brackets give a heavy-duty performance, supporting clotheslines ranging between 3 to 9 feet that can each bear up to a phenomenal 10-12kg of weight! The clotheslines consist of stainless steel pipes, which means they neither rust nor sag and look elegant as well! Each clothesline of this space-saving device is raised and lowered by means of strong marine-grade nylon rope that is smoothly operated via nylon pulleys.  Big house or small, you can customize your Cantilever Bracket Mount Pulley Operated Clotheslines according to your need with a minimum of 2 clotheslines and a maximum of 6 clotheslines.

Easy To Use

Rachna has installed her clotheslines near her washing machine. She lowers the clotheslines and easily transfers the washed heavy laundry from the machine straight onto the clotheslines. It is so easy that even her son hangs out the heavy laundry at times! There is no  chance of odour since there is ample space between the pipes for optimal drying. Furthermore, it is much safer for Rachna since there is no need to climb on to a chair! Rachna bought the family size 9ft long clotheslines that easily dry a full load of blankets, bedcovers or curtains. So which size are you buying today?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to Dry Lingerie in Privacy?

When you walk into a home, you can find out a lot about the people living in it if you pay a little attention to the things around the house. Unfortunately, if you happen to pass by their balcony, you can find out a lot more about the house owners than they intend to share – courtesy their clotheslines.

The average clotheslines in India dries out everything from bedsheets to underwear in full public view often giving unwanted insights to guests about what colour underwear you wore the previous day. Needless to say, not all people on the street view a women’s lingerie as just another piece of clothing. Because of the hush-hush nature of the bird and bees discussion still prevalent in India, even a simple lace panty can trigger a fantasy for a roadside romeo.

To avoid scrutiny from men with underwear fetishes, ignorant fantasies and simply wanting to protect their smalls from harsh sunlight, women often choose to dry it in the confines of their bathroom. Because of inadequate space, lingerie takes more time to dry, especially during monsoons.

If only someone invented a hack that would allow us women to dry lingerie privately and safely…
Aha, we just did!
Solving the pressing problem faced by women, Ecospace Clotheslines invented the wall mount foldable lingerie drying stand, which is both practical and beautiful. Created with the urban flats in mind, the stand is built with a space saving design.  The horizontal clotheslines can fold right up to the wall when not in use. Because of its size and flexibility, you can easily choose to install it in a place which is fairly open but still has limited visual access for the people outside.

Lingerie drying stand in closed position after use

Lingerie drying stand in open position during use

A lot of women choose to install this right behind their regular balcony clotheslines in a way that some of the bigger clothes like dupattas or towels provide an easy visual barrier between the outside world and the lingerie dry stand.

Other women choose to install this in a corner of their bathroom. By evening, the stand is tucked back in place with no traces of its occupants during the day. In both cases, the stand is an excellent way to make use of vacant vertical wall space.

Good lingerie are not just essentials. They are the closest to your body and can make you feel super special even on a causal day. They deserve good care to extend their lifetime. The wall mount dry stand prevents them from being crumpled during the drying process. The optimum space between the lines ensures a quick drying and prevents mildew. It is even available in various sizes to fit your family and space requirements.

Needless to say, over millions women around India from Nagpur to Trivandrum are a big fan of the wall mount foldable lingerie drying stand from Ecospace Clotheslines. What’s stopping you from buying one? Get details here

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Save 27 minutes of your daily laundry time with this!

Sunita is a 29 year old mother of two mischievous boys and a home maker. Like most women in the same age and circumstance, she spends most of her time running behind her children and tackling chores around the house.

As a result, she is in a constant juggle to find solutions to household tasks that optimize her time and energy because as she’ll tell you, 24 hours just isn’t enough to get everything done. From cooking hacks to nap time schedules she has tried it all. One of the most time consuming chores for Sunita everyday was the daily laundry. Washing, drying and folding clothes took away a precious two hours every day.

Besides just the process of doing these chores, drying clothes on the floor standing clotheslines meant that she lock herself in the room while doing the chore and leave the room locked for the rest of the day lest her toddler comes in and starts tugging on the clothes or worse topples the line.

For some time, Sunita tried to switch to a traditional ceiling clotheslines but couldn’t find the right instrument to do it. For novices, the art of dropping the clothes on the line using a stick and spreading it optimally seems like an Olympic level sport. As a last resort, Sunita finally posted in her local mother’s group on Facebook to see if there was a hack someone could offer. That’s when she discovered the ceiling mount pulley operated clotheslines from Ecospace Clotheslines. Endorsed overwhelmingly by over 70% members in the group, this looked like a promising solution to her daily woes.

Fully customizable according the space available in your apartment, this wonder product works with marine grade nylon pulleys that allow you to easily hang clothes. The system consists of 2-5 stainless steel pipes that can be lowered to hang damp laundry right out of the machine and raised to allow them to dry in the warm ceiling air.

Because the pipes are made of stainless steel, there is no worry of rusting or sagging. While the number of pipes can be customized to your preference, the average pulley operated clothes line can take an astounding 10 – 12 kg of wet clothes which is almost the entire single day laundry of a household of four.

The pulley can be mounted on unused celling space including closed spaces like bathrooms which is perfect from a privacy point of view. The clothesline can be anywhere between 3 – 9 feet in length and is a perfect option for the wet season when clothes may require extra dry time.

Some intuitive advantages including causing lesser creases on the clothes due to the pipe’s wide diameter and 6” space between the pipes that allows faster drying. The system is designed to be accessible to people with different abilities too.

Sunita used to earlier spend a total of 45 minutes to hang wet clothes and remove the dry ones. Today she does this in an average 18 minutes. So... when are you switching to the smarter way of drying your clothes? 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Make Laundry-Drying A Happy Time With This Unique Space-Saving Device!

Gone are the days of big courtyards and wide terraces that offered ample space to dry the laundry and had extended awnings to keep out the rain. Residents of flats and high-rise apartments that abound in cities do not have the luxury of extra space and it’s a tough call having to choose between decorating your small balcony with plants and a couple of chairs or with a clotheshorse! Add to that the necessity of rushing to collect the clothes whenever it starts pouring and you know you need a better option!

A Handy And Safe Solution
Coming to the rescue we have the CeilingMount Pulley Operated Clotheslines – the better choice for a beautiful home! Put an end to the hassle of scratching your head over where to dry the clothes – just fit these amazingly practical clotheslines in any convenient ceiling space - whether in the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. 

You can also install these clotheslines in your balcony and still have space to sit and enjoy your morning cuppa with an obstructed view of your surroundings as the clothes dry overhead. No floor space is needed and you don’t need to climb up on a stool or ladder to hang out the clothes – strong marine-grade nylon ropes and nylon pulleys ensure a smooth operation as you raise or lower the clotheslines while standing firmly and safely on the ground. There is no strain to your neck or back either, since each clothesline is operated individually by means of a separate pulley and rope.

Sleek, Sturdy And Suitable For All

Not only are these clotheslines supremely useful, they also look beautiful and trendy, being made of stainless steel pipes that will never rust nor sag. You can customize your clotheslines as per your requirement, ranging from a couple-size length of 3 feet to a family-size length of 9 feet. Each clothesline has the capacity to carry 10-12 kg and you can purchase between 2 to 6 clotheslines, the maximum size being capable of bearing a full wash load.

 There is a distance of 6 inches between the clotheslines, ensuring optimal flow of air among the clothes and scarce danger of a damp smell or mildew. This apparatus is also a boon for the disabled, being easy to use even from a wheelchair. If you install the clotheslines near the washing machine you can simply pop the clothes straight from the machine on to the clotheslines! How marvellously convenient - and it puts an end to rushing out to bring in the laundry during the monsoon too! As for bright and sunny days, you’ll never have to lament the faded colours of your favourite shirt and pretty bedsheet ever again - just grab your Ceiling Mount Pulley Operated Clotheslines today!

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