Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How to Dry Lingerie in Privacy?

When you walk into a home, you can find out a lot about the people living in it if you pay a little attention to the things around the house. Unfortunately, if you happen to pass by their balcony, you can find out a lot more about the house owners than they intend to share – courtesy their clotheslines.

The average clotheslines in India dries out everything from bedsheets to underwear in full public view often giving unwanted insights to guests about what colour underwear you wore the previous day. Needless to say, not all people on the street view a women’s lingerie as just another piece of clothing. Because of the hush-hush nature of the bird and bees discussion still prevalent in India, even a simple lace panty can trigger a fantasy for a roadside romeo.

To avoid scrutiny from men with underwear fetishes, ignorant fantasies and simply wanting to protect their smalls from harsh sunlight, women often choose to dry it in the confines of their bathroom. Because of inadequate space, lingerie takes more time to dry, especially during monsoons.

If only someone invented a hack that would allow us women to dry lingerie privately and safely…
Aha, we just did!
Solving the pressing problem faced by women, Ecospace Clotheslines invented the wall mount foldable lingerie drying stand, which is both practical and beautiful. Created with the urban flats in mind, the stand is built with a space saving design.  The horizontal clotheslines can fold right up to the wall when not in use. Because of its size and flexibility, you can easily choose to install it in a place which is fairly open but still has limited visual access for the people outside.

Lingerie drying stand in closed position after use

Lingerie drying stand in open position during use

A lot of women choose to install this right behind their regular balcony clotheslines in a way that some of the bigger clothes like dupattas or towels provide an easy visual barrier between the outside world and the lingerie dry stand.

Other women choose to install this in a corner of their bathroom. By evening, the stand is tucked back in place with no traces of its occupants during the day. In both cases, the stand is an excellent way to make use of vacant vertical wall space.

Good lingerie are not just essentials. They are the closest to your body and can make you feel super special even on a causal day. They deserve good care to extend their lifetime. The wall mount dry stand prevents them from being crumpled during the drying process. The optimum space between the lines ensures a quick drying and prevents mildew. It is even available in various sizes to fit your family and space requirements.

Needless to say, over millions women around India from Nagpur to Trivandrum are a big fan of the wall mount foldable lingerie drying stand from Ecospace Clotheslines. What’s stopping you from buying one? Get details here

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