Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Make Laundry-Drying A Happy Time With This Unique Space-Saving Device!

Gone are the days of big courtyards and wide terraces that offered ample space to dry the laundry and had extended awnings to keep out the rain. Residents of flats and high-rise apartments that abound in cities do not have the luxury of extra space and it’s a tough call having to choose between decorating your small balcony with plants and a couple of chairs or with a clotheshorse! Add to that the necessity of rushing to collect the clothes whenever it starts pouring and you know you need a better option!

A Handy And Safe Solution
Coming to the rescue we have the CeilingMount Pulley Operated Clotheslines – the better choice for a beautiful home! Put an end to the hassle of scratching your head over where to dry the clothes – just fit these amazingly practical clotheslines in any convenient ceiling space - whether in the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. 

You can also install these clotheslines in your balcony and still have space to sit and enjoy your morning cuppa with an obstructed view of your surroundings as the clothes dry overhead. No floor space is needed and you don’t need to climb up on a stool or ladder to hang out the clothes – strong marine-grade nylon ropes and nylon pulleys ensure a smooth operation as you raise or lower the clotheslines while standing firmly and safely on the ground. There is no strain to your neck or back either, since each clothesline is operated individually by means of a separate pulley and rope.

Sleek, Sturdy And Suitable For All

Not only are these clotheslines supremely useful, they also look beautiful and trendy, being made of stainless steel pipes that will never rust nor sag. You can customize your clotheslines as per your requirement, ranging from a couple-size length of 3 feet to a family-size length of 9 feet. Each clothesline has the capacity to carry 10-12 kg and you can purchase between 2 to 6 clotheslines, the maximum size being capable of bearing a full wash load.

 There is a distance of 6 inches between the clotheslines, ensuring optimal flow of air among the clothes and scarce danger of a damp smell or mildew. This apparatus is also a boon for the disabled, being easy to use even from a wheelchair. If you install the clotheslines near the washing machine you can simply pop the clothes straight from the machine on to the clotheslines! How marvellously convenient - and it puts an end to rushing out to bring in the laundry during the monsoon too! As for bright and sunny days, you’ll never have to lament the faded colours of your favourite shirt and pretty bedsheet ever again - just grab your Ceiling Mount Pulley Operated Clotheslines today!

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