Sunday, 18 September 2016

An Incredible Idea to Dry or Store Your Tops and Tunics In Style.

Thirty-seven-year-old Harini is a full-time homemaker and loves every minute of it. She loves to care for her family, which consists of her husband, two teenage daughters, and her parents-in-law. She also loves to cook and do a bit of gardening, and she particularly loves to keep her home spic and span. A lively and cheerful person, the only time of day when Harini looks down in the dumps is when the washing machine’s cycle finishes and she has to hang out the laundry. 

Her home is comfortable but there is insufficient space for drying a full load of clothes - and the size of her family ensures that there is a full load every single day! So Harini hangs all the shirts, kurtas, T-shirts, dresses, tops - anything that can be hung on a hanger - on hangers. The clothesline is occupied by the rest of the clothes, and most of the hangers end up adorning all the door knobs and cupboard handles. This laundry d├ęcor annoys this conscientious homemaker no end, as you can well imagine!

Chatting with her friends one day, Harini heard someone mention a company called Ecospace Clotheslines that offered space-saving solutions for laundry woes. Intrigued, Harini rushed home to check out the site on her computer. She immediately liked what she saw and was overjoyed to read about the amazing Cinch Hanger! She promptly purchased two cinch hangers, installing one near the washing machine in balcony and the other in the bedroom. 

Cinch Hanger Installed in Bedroom

The following day, Harini eagerly waited for the washing cycle to conclude and hurried to dry the clothes. Two shirts, one T-shirt, one top, and two singlets - all on their hangers - went on to the cinch hanger near  the washing machine, while the cinch hanger in the bedroom took two kurtas, one dress, one camisole, and one nightgown. After the clothes were removed, the cinch hangers were neatly folded away into their slots. Harini was delighted beyond words! No more laundry all over the house!


If you face the same problem that Harini did, you can be as thrilled as she was by opting for this incredible space-saving option! The cinch hanger is easy to install and can be mounted on any unused vertical wall space, whether inside the house or on your balcony wall, and its fold-away bracket arm collapses to less than 4” thick when not in use. Made of aluminium arm and a stainless steel hanging rod, the cinch hanger neither rusts nor sags and looks stylish too! This sturdy device supports up to 20kg and is available in 4 bracket arm sizes – 9” for 4 hangers, 12” for 6 hangers, 15” for 8 hangers, and 18” for 10 hangers.

 This innovative and compact device for drying any item of clothing that can be placed on a hanger can also be used for drip-drying delicate woollens and for organizing your ironed clothes without danger of creases. What a marvellous option for homes that have limited hanging space! All you need is between 9” to 18” of hanging space, which reduces to less than 4” when the cinch hanger is folded away. So, when will you be hanging your shirts and dresses the smart, space-saving way?!

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